" To this day, I can still smell the propellant from the explosive"- SPC. "P"

"I was shaving getting ready to go on guard duty at the ECP Guard Shack then I hear a loud bang and then what sounded like firecrackers, but I knew it was small arms fire. I grabbed my kit and ran to the ECP guard shack. As soon as I walked in I asked the soldiers on duty if they sent out any HE (high explosive) out of the 320 Grenade Launcher, they said they had not so I grabbed it and stepped outside of the guard shack and lobbed off 2 rounds toward the direction we where taking enemy fire from. Then I heard it come over the radio, "multiple casualties in the HHT tent". I had actually ran past it to get to the ECP guard shack. I threw down the 320 and ran towards the tent which was only about 10 to 15 yards away from the guard shack. Soon as I walked in I could see a soldier, SFC R, laying face down unresponsive. I walked past him thinking he was dead and needed to tend to people that where responsive, all the while I'm hearing a specific soldier that was screaming for his life saying that "he wasn't supposed to die like this" over and over. To this day, I can still smell the propellant from the explosive, the blood, and the cheap Army air freshener that the Recoiless Rifle Round had pierced. Once I walked past SFC R, that I thought was dead, I encountered another soldier with blood running down and his legs. After some convincing I was able to get him to lay down and let me put a tourniquet on his leg and one arm that was filleted open that wasn't even bleeding. Once we got him patched up I went to grab a litter to help carry the wounded. When I got back a medic was wrapping SFC Rs head and he was groaning a little. I helped carry him to the casualty collection point and went back to the tent to revisit what I had just experienced and ripped off that charred burnt piece of tent and put it in my pocket. Everyone who was in that tent survived and SFC R was back in Afghanistan with us 3 months later with a metal plate in his head. I never told him that I gave up on him in his greatest time of need and I will never forgive myself for that." SPC-P

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