Just by being there

In 2015, a platoon from my infantry company was deployed to MFO North Camp in Sinai, Egypt after it was getting hit by small arms and IDF. While we were getting ready to leave we’d get intel reports of attacks pretty much every day. Sometimes there’d be casualties, either from friendly foreign armies or US Army soldiers. When we got boots on the ground they hit the base. The normal protocol for the guys stationed on North Camp was to take cover. We responded to the walls ready to fight, and although the base was being attacked we were not allowed to engage due to extremely strict ROE. However, simply by not hiding, and acting like we were looking for a fight we deterred the attackers and attacks on the base greatly decreased in the following months. Although we didn’t get into any real gunfights during our couple months there, we noticed a change in the atmosphere. Other soldiers would thank us for being there and tell us what a difference our presence alone made. Instead of taking lives, we saved a number that nobody will ever know.

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