I Am A Protector..

I wasn't protected when I was a child. No defense from the ones doing harm. At a young age I knew I wanted to be a protector of the weak because it was what I believed should be based on my own life. I sought it in the military, in overseas contracts, in relationships, in brotherhood, in my career field. But nothing ever came to pass. Then it turned to influencing those to protect. Contrary to all that, I was always pegged as weak or unwilling to do so because I always sought thought before action. That caused me self doubt and even internal questioning. Now, almost a month later, after an incident that changed the lives of my loved ones and myself, I have a little less doubt and a greater need to prove I am a protector. I just see it in a much more broad sense now. It started with a simple decision when I was 13. To be a Marine.


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