My little brother is a firefighter and the other day he fought a fire trying to save an elderly couple’s home. He’s also a medic so his three previous shifts were assigned on the ambulance and over his three 24 hour shifts, [he] didn’t get a break or any sleep. So on this night he thought he was going to get a break being assigned to an engine truck, since fires are more rare than medical calls. He didn’t.. (Images in this post are from that night)

A couple days after this incident his partner (life long friend of mine) was injured when a driver slammed into a State Trooper’s vehicle that was blocking traffic for them while putting out a semi fire on the highway. The cop car hit his partner after it was struck. He is going to to be fine, but is now struggling with his first real close call. I think a lot of us can relate to that felling.

His insta is @westsidepip ... He’s a good man and deserves credit as a hero to his community as well as someone that deals with his stress of the job by confiding with his combat vet brother, me.

— @Hellyeakoozie (Instagram)


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