What is Firewatch?

In a time like this, especially, it's important for first responders, military personnel, and other service entities to come together as a community. Our primary mission at Firewatch is to provide an online community for those members to feel free to express themselves without judgement. There's a large focus on combatting depression and battling effects of job related stress. Think of it as a release, whether through photography, art, spoken word, or writing. Our content is received directly from our community and placed online to serve as a beacon to guide others into a group of like-minded people. Together, we will get through the night.

In life, We have rules.

No Offensive Imagery

Be mindful of other people's experiences. This isn't a place to push an agenda, but respectful conversation is welcome.

Quality Posts Only

Keep It Meaningful.

No Personal Information

Protect yourself and others. We suggest connecting through Instagram or the Members Chat box in the bottom right of your screen if you wish to reach out to someone.

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